Protein Shakes Most Dangerous Side Effect! Kidney Stones!



25 Responses to “Protein Shakes Most Dangerous Side Effect! Kidney Stones!”

  1. Billy Rabig jr says:

    NO,he is wrong, I have one time my kidney stone has been and the dr said it is not have effect side this protein shake is fine but something kind from the food.

  2. Billy Rabig jr says:

    I have one time kidney stone and doctor said something come from food different kind but it is not have drink protein effect side.

  3. Tara Indiastuti says:

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  4. Joni Yudono says:

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  5. thugnlive says:

    i do it primarily cause i don’t want my body to become dependent on the supplements rather than food
    but sure man.
    although when i do cycles,there is much more improvement with each cycle

  6. makspthetruth says:

    Th fact that you cycle creatine is very good. Keep drinking the water bro.

  7. thugnlive says:

    i take protein and creatine in monthly cycles, month on and month off
    and while i’m on, i drink around 3 liters of water a day
    never had any trouble and been doing it for quiet some time

  8. VetaEXZ says:

    omg, is protien shakes really dangerous???

  9. makspthetruth says:


  10. dfpuma92 says:

    I’ve been having kidney stones since I was 14 (now 20), I have a high protein diet and shakes as well. Only way for it not to affect your kidneys is to drink A LOT of water.

  11. ReLiCue says:

    Do you even have any sientific proof behind this?

  12. ghozmit1 says:

    if you burn the protein that you put in your body by working out and drink enough water every day ( 8 glasses ), you will never have any problems

  13. ESTslipknot15drums8D says:

    fair enough, does drinking ALLOT of water kind of help clean out your body?

  14. wesley bignoux says:

    good man.i noticed that deadlift also is good for your abs can you tell me what workout can replace crunches?? of course i will check them out bro. thanks….

  15. Medullaboi says:

    I went over the limit! Im scared lol jk

  16. makspthetruth says:

    Oh ok than drink a lot of water.

  17. AdinC33 says:

    well not really because i fined it really hard to gain weight thats why i have two shakes and eat tons of food threw the day

  18. makspthetruth says:

    Thanks bro. Honestly I never do crunches because there are a lot more exercises for your abs that give better results. Crunches on hard floor may be bad for your back. I just uploaded 3 videos yesterday and will upload 3 more later today so make sure to check them out bro.

  19. wesley bignoux says:

    great video bro when your next videos?do you agree that crunches are not good for your lower back?

  20. makspthetruth says:

    Thank you.

  21. makspthetruth says:

    Thanks bro and I hope you dont get anymore of them.

  22. makspthetruth says:

    Drink a lot of water.

  23. makspthetruth says:

    I hope you get better bro.

  24. makspthetruth says:

    I would start off by drinking as much water as I could. How are your fitness goals coming along. Are you gaining too much weight o trying to lose it?

  25. AdinC33 says:

    the protein shake im taking atm says it has 50g of protein not sure what i should do because i have 2 shakes daily plus protein from the food what should i do?