Body Fortress Chocolate Peanut Butter Whey Protein Review


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25 Responses to “Body Fortress Chocolate Peanut Butter Whey Protein Review”

  1. Felipe Domingos says:

    in brazil the cheaper one costs about 40 dolars… it sucks

  2. 3DKILLZ says:

    Had this for about a week now, it tastes fire.

  3. zRickyTricks says:

    I just got some of that 2day, and should i take with peanutbutter and milk or is that 2 fatting?or jus water? because iam trying to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time, plz reply any1

  4. remington williams says:

    my fav flavor of body fortress

  5. lucym3003 says:

    Complete garbage

  6. johnle69 says:

    can u hook me up with da linkz for that

  7. whiteb011 says:

    There is a website that sells a 10 pound tub for 59+shipping and handling which would be 67$ .That is 8$ cheaper than a 10 pound tub of body fortress, holla at me if you want a link.

  8. Mega Deadlift says:

    Another thing you should mention is that body fortress mixes in water very well.

  9. Mega Deadlift says:

    I really like this whey protein too. Very affordable for great quality.

  10. MARKO MARKOVIĆ says:

    It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these other normal people are able to build muscle so easily with “MAD Ripped Muscle” (check it out on Google).

  11. RebelUG says:

    Dont get itm taste like SHIT! go with 6star! this crap taste like coffe

  12. woody brown says:

    i have the same thing is it better with water or milk

  13. HomicidalDavid says:

    Haha this is the same Whey Protein I get!

    But I just do not like the fact that it has so much creatine in it. For instance, if I wanted take take 3 sccops I would get 9 grams of creatine…Obviously it is good to get creatine as well, however, if you wanted more protein ud have to also take more creatine.

    What is your opinion on this Devon? You did not mention the creatine.

  14. TheRage191 says:

    anywhere that sells protein..vitamin shop..gnc..

  15. Zack Brady says:

    You ever had the cookies n’ cream one?

  16. Zack Brady says:

    Where did you buy it from?

  17. Zack Brady says:

    Where did you buy it from?

  18. Zack Brady says:

    This is the exact flavor and brand of protein I’m taking right now! haha.

  19. AthleticAesthetix says:

    Just to let you know, people have tested it for it’s “true” protein content, and it scored super low compared to other proteins. Look it up in the BB . com forum.

  20. BriannMMA says:

    Chris Jones takes this… cause it’s all he can afford haha. Cookies n cream kind was pretty good though

  21. Chrisdwag says:

    Smart powders Whey Protein – 5lb – Vanilla Ice Cream $36. Best quality protein around. =)

  22. Malignantspiritify says:

    Devon at walmart dot com you can get 5 2lbs. for 62.50 thats 12.50 a piece. Free shipping, delivered right to your home!

  23. cwbolton122 says:

    Haha damn, they always rave about it on POG thats surprising

  24. Honey Bucket says:

    i have BF strawberry (which is “okay” with milk) and cookies ‘n cream ( taste i would guess resembles like it was bottled to close to the cows ass) and lets just say you get what you pay for here taste wise…. and i be broke 

  25. 24notter says:

    Most protein powders aren’t 100% you want someting that’s close to 90% and Body Fortress is 89-90% protein. If you have a protein powder that’s 100%, you’re not going to have any flavorings in it at all. Still a solid product though.